What If…

If I was a teacher for one week, I would have students do blogs and do more activities or crafts to go with a unit instead of more written paper assignments. This would save more trees and paper, and also be easier for me to assign things for the students. I would love to do this because I would also enjoy what I was teaching, while the kids were enjoying it too. I also would like to do this because it would be fun to learn the new things to teach to the kids. I know it would sometimes be stressful to learn all of the new things, remember the content, and then try to teach the students, but it would help with almost every single subject from all of the posts that we do. I would do more activities for the class like doing fun projects to go with the assignment, instead of just a large assignment. For example, if we were learning about George Washington, I would do a little quiz or something and a craft to go with it. Even if I couldn’t do a craft, I would do a hands on little activity to get the kids out of their seats. I think this would make the kids more interested in learning about the people. Those are a few ideas that I would have if I was a teacher.


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If I was a principle for a week I would want to have 3 longer school days instead of 5 shorter ones. I would make the classes longer including lunch. I would also allow them to go outside, since the school day was longer to allow them to get some fresh air. I think the kids would also like this because they would be able to see their friends from different families in school. Another change I would make for the school would be a different dress code. I would allow kids to wear sweatpants and leggings (only if the shirt was covering). I think this would make kids be comfortable in school and to better focus being comfortable. I  also think that this would be a good idea considering that they dress code kids for wearing these items, it would make it easier on the teachers to not have to dress code the kids wearing sweatpants and leggings. Those are a few changes I would make to the school if I was a principle.


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  1. I see what you are saying but believe it or not I think written work is important as well.
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  2. hi my name is ines I liked your post becaus is very interesting.
    If I was a teacher for one week my students would not have homework and we would play games .
    bye Emerson F.

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